How does it work? 

  1. 1. Collect a receipt with a unique PIN at the cashier.

  2. 2. Log in to or register an account at

  3. 3. Go to, enter the PIN and enjoy new games and software!





1. These Terms & Conditions regulate the rules for use of Kinguin’s PIN vouchers (“Voucher”) purchased at authorized resellers.
2. The Voucher may only be used to top up a user’s wallet at, up to the nominal value paid to the cashier and subject to these Terms and Conditions. Amounts credited to your wallet may only be used to purchase digital products offered at the platform.
3. This Voucher consists of a unique PIN, printed by the cashier and required for redemption. 
4. To use the Voucher, you must log in to your account at If you do not have an account you must register it first. Making a purchase at will require Internet access and acceptance of’s terms and conditions ( and personal data and cookies policy (
5. The availability and pricing of products at Kinguin are subject to change, as Kinguin is a digital marketplace platform with dynamically variable offer.
6. You must protect your PIN and keep it confidential. If your PIN is lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed, you will not be able to make payment and we will not generate a new PIN. Anyone who knows your PIN will be able to use it at You should only enter your PIN at – any requests for sharing of PIN in other places may be fraudulent. 
7. Kinguin may refuse to honor the Voucher if it was obtained fraudulently.
8. This Voucher is valid for 12 months after purchase and expires after that time. You will not be able to redeem it afterwards.
9. Without prejudice to mandatory law, this Voucher is not refundable. Once it is used for topping up your account at, the Voucher balance runs out. No partial redemption is acceptable. The Voucher has no cash value and is not redeemable for cash or any other form of payment (e.g. book, bank or electronic money), except as required by mandatory law.
10. This voucher has been issued on the order of Kinguin Digital Limited, 5/F Chung Nam Building, 1 Lockhart Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong. In case you encounter any issues please contact Customer Support at